Weight Loss and Hypnosis - Relax and Lose Weight

Are you dieting? If so, hypnosis can help you to both lose weight, and keep the weight off when you reach your goal, painlessly.

Here are three tips for using hypnosis to help you to meet your weight loss goals.

1. Use Affirmations With Hypnosis

Although hypnosis is a powerful weight loss aid when used alone, consider using affirmations to build your motivation and success. In essence, affirmations "affirm". They're positive. You state, as fact, that you've already lost weight.

Here are a couple of sample affirmations to get you started. You can create your own, using these as models:

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* I now weigh (your goal weight); I'm healthy and have great energy

* I'm supremely confident, losing weight is easy

2. Relax More, and Lose More

Stress relief is a major benefit of hypnosis. During a hypnosis session, before you're given weight loss suggestions, the hypnotherapist (or the program, if you're listening to a CD) helps you to relax completely.

Most of us never realize how tense we habitually are: hypnosis calms you down, and improves your health.

3. Listen To Your Weight Loss Hypnosis Program Daily for at Least Three Weeks

To lose weight with hypnosis, you don't need to visit a hypnotherapist. There are many weight loss programs available on CD and DVD.

Once you've chosen a program, listening to it repeatedly is the key to your success.

In the first week you use the program, aim to listen to it at least once a day. Thereafter, you can listen to the program for just five days a week for the next two weeks, but do use the program regularly.

After three weeks of consistent listening, you should be starting to lose weight. Your weight loss will be effortless - you won't need to struggle to make good food choices.

After the first three weeks, keep listening to the program. Relax with it a couple of times a week. Keep using your affirmations too.

Hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help you to lose weight successfully. Moreover, the stress relief benefits of your hypnosis sessions will improve your health. Hypnosis works for many people, so give it a try.

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