Self-Hypnosis and Weight Loss - The Ultimate Challenge to Weight Watchers

Are you determined to lose weight? For most people including yourself, you want to avert the risks of heart attack, diabetes and high cholesterol levels which are associated with being overweight. But not everyone goes on the journey to loss weight because of their health. You may choose to lose weight because you perceive weight loss as a means to appear attractive to others and to boost your self-image. There are many preventative measures you could take to regain your normal body weight. By trying these measures, people around the world are spending thousands and even millions annually to lose weight. These huge sums of money are spent daily on exercise gadgets, healthier organic foods, food supplements, slimming pills, diets and fitness clubs.

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To put it simply, weight loss is a multi-million industry. Do these measures always help you to lose weight? Not, always I suppose may be your answer. The real answer may sound rather basic to you but it is true. The magic answer is this little basic secret of weight loss. You must change the way you think about food and yourself. Take this scenario. Did you remember those occasions when you were on that expensive wonder diet, which you have rigorously watched your weight but yet struggled to keep your eyes off that creamy desert after meals or did not even feel brave enough to shut off the crave for chocolate?

Hold on to this scenario for a while and I will explain further why you are struggling to keep your weight down despite your vigorous exercise regime, diet classes and the slimming pills.

You may find it hard to believe, but I can tell you that the reason you feel you are losing the battle is simple. The reason is that you have not changed your old thoughts patterns about how you used to feel about the creamy desert and the bar of chocolate and more importantly about yourself. This example is to show you why your thought patterns can influence your weight loss.

As human beings, our feelings or thoughts influence our behaviour which then leads us to react to a situation in certain a way. After having your meals, those little thoughts you used to have about the nice desert or the chocolate, would have led you on to choose to ignore the desert or to just take a bite and then finish it all. Your latter action unfortunately would be to the detriment of your attempt to lose some weight.

On the other hand you can also control your thoughts or make suggestions in your mind to change how you feel about the desert and the chocolate. The good news is you can control your thoughts or make suggestions to your mind on how you react to the desert or the pudding without jeopardising your weight loss program. Hypnosis will teach you how to make these suggestions in your mind to control your thoughts.

Hypnosis is an interaction between the hypnotist and yourself. Hypnotist is someone who is trained and qualified to use hypnotic techniques or therapy. During this interaction the hypnotist will attempt to influence or make suggestions to your feelings, thinking and behaviour by verbally directly you to concentrate on ideas and images that may evoke some intended effects.

To lose weight by hypnosis, you will receive suggestions from the hypnotist that will alter your previous feelings or thoughts about the factors that may have led to your weight gain. When you choose to use hypnosis, you can also choose not to meet face to face with the hypnotist.

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Customized Fat Loss


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