Quick Weight Loss - Why Diets Don't Work

The media controls the perception of things, that is a fact. During the renaissance period there was no such thing as TV or the Internet. Back then it all depended on the general perception of things, for example, what type of females where painted by the artists? Robust, big figured women. You see, back then that was the definition of the female perfect form, that was the stereotype of a good looking girl.Artists now a days are wide in variety, you don't only get painters and musicians, but also movies, fashion, tv, magazines etc... What do all those "artists" portray as the perfect female figure? A skinny, skeletal woman. Therefore a weight loss boom came to be. Now it is even focused towards men as well. Hence a lot of companies started launching quick weight loss programs, diets, dietary pills and what not. But what is the truth behind it all? 99% of these either don't work at all, barely work and/or can be very unhealthy.

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Let's take the low fat diets myth for example, as a response to the weight loss boom, there was a "health movement" to counter the health issues weight was creating in many people like teens, so one of the answers was low fat diets "Just eat low fat foods and you will loose weight". Well that is a lie, low fat foods are healthy and they can help you not gain weight, but you won't be getting slimmer from them.

Another popular diet type are the low calorie plans, what people don't know is that basing your diet on low calories will only mess up your metabolism, they will destroy the fat burning engine which will actually make you GAIN weight. The thing with these type of diets, is that they do actually work as quick weight loss, you will loose 1 or 2 pounds the first few days, but then stop losing weight completely, this is also known as reaching a weight plateau.

For last, there is the popular media legend: the carb plans. Carb plans are close to impossible to follow, what actually creates energy for your body are carbohydrates, so if you base your diets on few to no carbs your body will be producing almost no energy, as a result of these you won't be able to exercise or even do your daily activities, therefore in the end you won't be able to follow such a plan.

Basically, like I stated before 99% of diets or quick weight loss programs DO NOT work. What you can find are actual weight loss monitored programs that will help you loose a few pounds in a year or so, but they are expensive as they need you to buy a lot of dietary supplements or vitamins, which in the end are not really worth it, since you will only be losing a few pounds over a long period of time for a high price.

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