Holistic Weight Loss Process and Yoga

Holistic wellness concept includes many different aspects and the healthy weight loss is one of them. Some of the available weight-loss programs are based on the holistic approach to the weight loss process. These programs can help you not only lose weight but also keep it off.

Holistic weight loss concept is based on the unity of body and mind.

Through holistic nutrition, detoxification and exercise you can take good care of the physical body. Through yoga, meditations, affirmations and other mind clearing/programming techniques you can increase your self-awareness and start loving and accepting yourself the way you are. Only through self-love and self-acceptance positive changes are possible. These techniques will also help you visualize the reality you want so you will perceive yourself as a slim person even before you lose weight. By taking care of the physical body and using the mind clearing/programming techniques you will not only lose weight but will also be able to keep your ideal weight afterwards and improve substantially your health. This is the holistic approach to the weight loss process.

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Even though yoga is mentioned here as a mind clearing technique, it plays a much bigger role in the weight loss process.

How yoga can help you lose weight?

1. Yoga activates energy centers (chakras) that are related to major endocrine glands. It helps clear the energy blockages so energy can move freely and underlying glands can function optimally. Among other vital functions glands regulate the body's metabolism - the fat burning process.

2. Yoga provides a gentle massage to our internal organs including digestive organs. This improves the functioning of the body in general and digestive organs in particular and promotes detoxification of the body.

3. Yogic breathing exercises help calm the mind, increase self-awareness and alleviate stress. These changes are subtle. They become noticeable after three-four months of regular practice.

This way yoga promotes weight loss in three different ways: by allowing the vital energy to move freely and thus regulating imbalances in the body, by massaging internal organs and improving their functioning including elimination and detoxification functions, by increasing our self-awareness through breathing exercises. The increased self-awareness makes us ready for positive changes from inside out.

For these reasons yoga is an important part of many holistic weight loss programs.

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