Tips For Weight Loss - 7 Simple Tips For Weight Loss to Keep Your Body "Slim, Trim and Fit"

Are you looking for simple tips for weight loss? In this article, I have outlined 7 tips for weight loss. Losing weight need not always be as painful and stressful as it made out to be. Here are 7 simple yet powerful techniques to lose a lot of weight quickly and easily without much sweat.

1. Sleep for at least 7 hours: The American Journal of Epidemiology states that women who slept seven or more hours a night are less likely to put in weight than those who didn't. So never sacrifice your sleep time and so if you are a morning bird, hit the bed early to accommodate enough sleep.

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2. Have a drink a week: If you think being a teetotaler helps, you are wrong. Recent research shows that people who have a drink a couple of times a week are less likely to be obese than teetotalers or heavy drinkers. However don't go for the high caloried drinks. As long as you have a low caloried drink with healthy food like raw vegetables, whole wheat foods, you are on the right track.

3. Sweat it out Baby: Here is another cool tip for weight loss. Once you come back home from shopping or work, don't immediately crank on the air conditioner. Dr. Margriet S. Westerterp-Plantenga, Ph.D., a professor of food-intake regulation in the department of human biology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands says, "At a slightly uncomfortable 81 degrees, the women in the study experienced a 20 percent decrease in appetite and ate 10 percent less than at 72 degrees." So don't let the sweat fret you.

4. Exercise and Diet Don't Always Work: According to a new study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, dieting can strip that fat off your body just as effectively as dieting plus exercise. To know how much you should eat try this method.

If your weight is 150 pounds, multiply your weight by 10, (150 * 10= 1500). Now add your original weight to the total, (1500+150=1650 calories). Eat more than that and your pants will become tighter and eat less than that you will lose weight.

5. Feed on Foods high on water: In a research study by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, it was concluded that people who consumed water-rich foods lost more weight than people who reduced their fat intake.

Always a better idea to go for fruits, veggies, oatmeals, whole grains, beans etc.

6. Stack up the Potassium: Try to consume 4,700 milligrams of potassium everyday. A recent study by Canada quotes "The richest sources of potassium are beans, vegetables, and fruit, so the person with high potassium levels is consuming a lot of these foods, which are low in calories and are the most filling."

7. Belly Rubs do the trick: Simple belly rubs can help strip off the fat from your tummy. By rubbing the hands together around the belly button around 2 times a day, you can burn the fat cells in your body. A simple yet effective tip for weight loss.

As mentioned before, these tips for weight loss are not only simple but also highly effective. Moreover these tips for weight loss aren't short term like the crash diets or the ridiculous rigorous exercise routine prescribed by the health experts.

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