A Natural Weight Loss - Fact Or Myth

Most people might think that in order to lose weight, they will have to go on a crash diet, fad diet or some quick diet to lose weight. The though of a healthy diet just doesn't ring true for them, they believe that in order to lose weight you must be taking some special shake, diet pills, diet supplements or some form of diet help. But natural weight loss can occur just by changing the way in which you view foods and how you eat.

These misconceptions are borne out of all the infomercials that have confused people with their fast selling marketing promises that are not real and will never produce the real results of just healthy eating and exercise. To get a healthy weight loss we need to separate the fat from the meat so that we will have a lean understanding of what it truly mean to lose weight the natural way.

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Question: Can I eat whatever I want as long as I exercise? Fact or Myth?

Answer: Myth. If you are taking in more calories than your body needs or can use up in a given day then you will just be storing fat. Your metabolism can only burn so many calories and then all the remanding amount must be left someplace. And why would you want to only burn the calories that you eat in a given day, you should be burning more calories to lose weight. Watch your calories intake and stick to a healthy meal choice.

Question: Not eating is a great way to lose weight? Fact or Myth?

Myth. Yes not eating or fasting will get you to lose a couple of pounds quickly but you must regain eating a normal diet because your body needs a nutritious meal to perform it activities such as reproducing and maintaining itself. You want to get back to proper eating as soon as possible to negate any possible negative side effects such as fainting and malnutrition. Also remember that losing a lot of weight very quickly does not mean that you are losing fat but rather you might be losing muscles and water, not fat. Losing muscles does not give you the appearance of a healthy body but rather somewhat of a ghost appearance.

Question: You can eat fat-free foods all you want and you will still lose weight? Fact or Myth?

Fat free should be looked upon with caution. Though the label says fat-free if you were to check the ingredients on the back, you most likely will see some kind of fat being mentioned. Not because the fat has been lowered does not mean that the calories have. The calories might have increased rather than decrease.

Another ingredient has to be used to replace the amount of fat taken out to maintain the taste, so learn to read your labels. If you must lose weight, you must be taking fewer calories than your body needs. Any extra or additional calories will be stored as extra fat. Cut your portion sizes and learn how to eat and listen to your body; it will guard you from overeating on fat-free diets or otherwise.

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