Losing Weight Tips For Women - 3 Major Things Besides Diet and Exercise That Affect Weight Loss

Newsflash... weight loss isn't just about diet and exercise. There are 3 MAJOR things besides diet and exercise that affect weight loss. So I'm going to give you SECRET losing weight tips so you can FAST-TRACK your progress.

Howdy... just wanted to say "howdy" since I recently moved to Texas. Smile. Listen, you may think that weight loss is just about calories, diet, and exercise.

If so, you'd be WAY WRONG.

I could put you on a diet and exercise program this year that you'd lose lots of weight on. But perhaps if I put you on that same diet last year or in a year from now... you'd actually gain weight. Same diet... same exercises. WHAT HAPPENED?

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Diet is usually the most important factor in weight loss... followed by exercising. But you need to keep 3 OTHER things in mind if you're diet and exercising is in order.

Losing Weight Tips

1. Stress

This is not only a silent killer, but it totally knocks your weight loss into a downward spiral. Same diet, same exercises... lose weight with little stress... gain weight if you're TOTALLY STRESSED OUT. That's just the way it is... blame cortisol (the STRESS HORMONE).

2. Lack of Sleep

This is a big one. You can exercise all you want and eat really good, but if you're lacking sleep AND you're not losing weight... that's probably the cause of you not losing weight.

People hypothesize that it's because you're up longer which gives you extra time to eat more. NOT SO. Lack of sleep is a stress to your body. Your body views this kinda as a survival thing. And when your body goes into survival mode, it will always retain body fat as a "CUSHION" to help it survive.

3. Medications

This is a big reason for the rise is obesity around the Western World. People are over-medicated. Prescription and over-the-counter. Try to avoid these as much as possible. These cause you to GAIN WEIGHT due to the powerful impact they play on your hormones.

A lot of times your hormones will OVERRULE your diet and exercising.

The Cruise Control Diet


The Cruise Control Diet


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