Do's and Dont's For Quick, Safe Weight Loss

If you are tired of being overweight and drained all the time then you might consider losing weight. Weight loss can help you not only look better but feel more energetic and healthy as well. There is a lot of market hype out there today promising all sorts of potions and pills for quick safe weight loss. That would be great if that were actually possible.

Losing a large amount of weight at one time is not always safe. Don't take chances with risky quick weight loss techniques or starve yourself, take laxatives, or go to the extreme of purging. None of these are a healthy way to lose weight. These extreme measures not only damage your body, but can also lead to extra skin. Nobody wants that!

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If you talk to your average doctor they will tell you that a healthy realistic weight loss program will be comprised of two things. Eat less calories and exercise more. These sound like simple things to do until you put them to action. This is where your determination comes in to play. You must be focused on achieving your weight loss goals.

They will also tell you that you should expect to lose on average around 1-3lbs a week. Don't try to lose fifty pounds in one day. Start with little things. Drink water instead of soda. Pass up the extra serving at lunch. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and try parking at the back of the parking lot instead of next to the store.

As you find it easier and easier to put those things in to practice then you should begin challenging yourself. Make out a realistic exercise regime. You will begin to see the pounds go and a new you begin to emerge. These are all great ways to make a happier, healthier you.

Start simple today and see where tomorrow takes you!

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