Weight Loss Plateau

If you are a person who attempts to lose your body weight by doing regular exercise and diet control, you might have experienced the condition known as weight loss plateau. In this condition you will find no positive signs of losing body weight after the initial progress you experience. This condition occurs when the human body works hard to cop up with the changes that you brought in to your life style. It will be compelled to work hard to balance the energy intake and out put. During this transition period you will not be able to find no progressive or positive signs of the effort you have made to bring down your body weight.

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Many who experience this condition known as weight loss plateau may experience depression during this period. Some of you may even tempt to drop your weight loss program fearing that it is not a scientific one capable of reducing your body weight the way you wish it to be.

Any attempt from your part to overcome weight loss plateau by reducing the calorie intake beyond a level may lead you to troubles. In such a situation your body will react to your attempt by lowering down its metabolic rate. It will ultimately end up in trouble by increasing your hunger. In such a condition you will be tempted to eat more and drop your plan to lose weight.

The best solution to overcome weight loss plateau is that to keep your calories slightly below the calories your body needs to maintain it. Such an attempt from your part will help you to defeat weight loss plateau by keeping your energy and metabolism high. And always remember that if the deficiency goes beyond 500 to 600 calories you may find it difficult to maintain your lien muscle mass.

Many who have gone through this stage find it difficult to continue their diet program. Do not allow you to be depressed by the signs of weight loss plateau. If you want to get the results or to reach your ultimate end you will have to stick on to your exercise program. And always remember that the human body has a tendency to adjust with any exercise program over a period of time. The best way to overcome this is to change the program you follow every six weeks. Keeping a track of your workout program will help you in finding out the right time to change your exercise plan or program to avoid weight loss plateau.

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