Does Willpower Stand in Your Path to Weight Loss?

Weight loss is hard and most programs are difficult for the average person to follow. The small writing on weight loss ads will say that the majority of people will not see results. And it doesn't matter if the ad is for a diet, an exercise program or that miracle diet pill. So why is weight loss so difficult?

Is it that you simply lack will power? Think about it. You walk down the street downtown, on one block you smell hamburgers cooking on the grill and the next block you smell donuts. If you live in a residential neighborhood you might get these smells from your local grocery store or market as they bake their goodies for the day.

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In any case, you are tempted - and smelling food is far more tempting than just thinking about them. Add to this that as you drive down the street or watch television you are bombarded with ads with images of sweet treats or sexy women eating burgers bigger than their heads. No wonder we have such a hard time!

The temptation really goes beyond this. There are numerous food additives put into our food to make it taste better, give it longer shelf life (you think all those hamburgers at the fast food joint were made yesterday?) and to make it easier to prepare at home. These substances do more harm than you might think.

Research is now confirming that many of these may be addictive while you are not even aware of it. Take high fructose corn syrup, for example. This substance is used in not only sodas and juices, but in many other processed foods including spaghetti sauce, breads and cereals.

Unlike other whole sugars and foods, it does not stimulate the release of the hormone, leptin, which controls fat storage and appetite. And without this - you overeat.

When it comes to weight loss, the cards are stacked against you. But there are things you can do to get a program and stay with it. It is a new era and time for a new way of thinking. This goes for weight loss programs as well. What other ways could there be beside diet and exercise?

There was one thing that helped me - cleansing my body. Cleansing and weight loss are not associated yet, but they do work hand-in-hand. But this was the only type of program that helped me get rid of cravings and the weight that went with them.

You can help your body get rid of excess weight, excess waste and the substances that slow your metabolism. Although cleansing seems like a new age practice that only health nuts or sick people do, it is something that we all need to do.

It is not mystical or scary - it is merely eating a diet that helps the body digest better, which in turn helps stimulate metabolism, which then helps your body to get rid of excess waste.

In addition to a cleansing diet, you might take supplements including herbs and fiber. All these do is give your body extra fiber to soften any build up that might be slowing your metabolism and herbs that add nutrition that your body actually uses. In fact, your body can absorb nutrients better from herbs because they are only condensed food, unlike a pill you buy at your local pharmacy. (Remember the vitamin pill labels - take with food?)

Use body cleansing or colon cleansing as a way to boost your weight loss goals. It is no big mystery and not as nutty as some might have you believe. There is no harm in eating healthy and our bodies could use the help.

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