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In my research of weight loss pills on the market today it has become clear that pills which aid in prevention of weight gain are just as effective, if not, more effective than the pills which target the treatment of weight gain. The product under review is for someone who, when ordering a meal or deciding what to eat for dinner, worries about the carb content of food and drink because of dieting, the dietrine carb-blocker is the best weight loss solution.

How does it work?

The natural biological degradation of carbohydrates to glucose occurs in the body. The glucose is stored as fat and if not burned off through exercise, is stored as fat cells thus increasing weight. The dietrine carb blocker best neutralises the naturally occurring enzyme (alpha amylase) which converts carbs into glucose. This essentially means that as one eats foods high in carbs like pasta and potatoes, it is not broken down into glucose as much as it would be without the pill and allows for the carbs to pass through the system with low caloric intake. The pills are derived from white kidney beans and the whole process of blocking is known as "phase 2" starch neutralizing and can block 66% - 75% carbs making it into the bloodstream.

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Other weight loss products

- Byetta (exenatide) which promotes a feeling of satiety, has shown to reduce the amount one eats as they feel less hungry. However, the product needs to be injected daily and can cause sever nausea.

- laxatives and other diet pills are a popular choice by those wanting a quick fix solution even though they have no effect on body fat, they are more likely to cause muscle and heart problems

- pyruvate is another product which is a popular choice and may show small amounts of weight loss, This may appear to be showing good results, however its weight loss potential has not been scientifically established.

The above weight loss products may look familiar and may be labeled as the best solutions for the treatment of weight gain. These are only some of many products that are available on the market today. The dietrine carb-blocker is essentially a category in weight loss products, (mainly the prevention of further weight gain) allowing for lifestyle factors to help further weight loss. It is recommended that for an effective purchase of a weight loss pill or products, effective and extensive research should be done so that the best product is chosen for the right person.

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