The Relationship Between Water and Weight Loss (Part 1 of 2)

Many people mistakenly think that water is an enemy to weight loss. However, retained water is easy to reverse. Fat loss is much more difficult to achieve. A lack of sufficient water can actually make it harder to lose fat because of the damaging effects to health when you lack enough water in your body. A lack of water could very well interfere with the essential functions involved in your body's metabolism of fat. To better understand this, you have to have some understanding of how body function, water and weight loss go together.

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Water is at the center of all life function. Water makes up at least 2/3 of your body. Water makes up more than 9/10 of your blood, where nutrients are distributed. Water is used by your body to properly absorb water soluble vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from the foods you eat. Drinking plenty of water helps your kidneys function better at removing poisonous wastes, weight and other wastes from your body.

In addition to its aid in metabolic function, drinking plenty of water can have major benefits in other parts of health. Water is responsible for helping your body regulate your body temperature. Water also helps keep your blood thin to prevent complications from clotting and hypertension. Water helps keep your joints and muscles well lubricated. Water is necessary to keep your skin healthy. Water can be beneficial in treating many headaches. So there are a lot of benefits to combining water and weight loss that go beyond just metabolic function.

One of the most important links between water and weight loss is that water can make your stomach feel full. Also, in some cases your brain may make you feel hungry if you are deficient in water because some water can be extracted from foods. In many cases when you feel hungry, you may actually be thirsty. So drinking plenty of water can help your brain distinguish better when you are actually hungry. So there is a lot more to water and weight loss than just maintaining proper metabolic function.

To test this out for yourself, just drink sixteen ounces of water the next time you are feeling hungry and you know you have eaten within the last five hours. After five minutes, you should feel less hungry. If you don't feel less hungry, you know it is true hunger and you probably didn't eat enough fiber during your last meal. It is a good idea to always carry a bottle of water with you and drink consistently throughout the day. However, you should not exceed 120 ounces per day without first consulting your doctor about your body's water capacity.

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